Action Now for Police Reform in Jersey City!

A Call to Action in Jersey City:

Tell Mayor Fulop, the City Council, Chief Kelly, and Director Shea: We need reform NOW!

The Jersey City Anti-Violence Coalition Movement (JCACM) has drafted this open letter with three concrete, initial demands for police reform in Jersey City.  They are calling on all residents who are interested in supporting reform to support this advocacy by contacting city leadership via this open letter campaign.  I am sharing on CivicParent to help spread the word & the advocacy.

You can use the automated email below, which will send the note (which you are free to customize). If you don't want to send to all of those individuals at once, simply copy/paste the note below into your email. All the elected officials' contact information is provided below for your reference.

Advocate in the manner you feel most comfortable!

Open Letter re: Police Reform to the Mayor, City Council, Chief of Police and Public Safety Director

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Jersey City Officials Acknowledge Review of Police Policies, Procedures Needed

Activists call for Civilian Complain Review Boards Now

Jersey City Together, Jersey City Anti-Violence Coalition Movement, and ACLU-NJ Push for Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB) in Jersey City

City Officials - Contact Information:

Mayor Steven Fulop

(201) 547-4288

Chief Michael Kelly


Director James Shea

Council President Joyce E. Watterman

(201) 547-5134/5108

Aide: Kia Deadwyler

(201) 547-5108

Councilman Rolando R. Lavarro, Jr.

(201) 547-5268

Aide: Talita Elizeu

(201) 547-5458

Councilman at Large - Daniel Rivera

(201) 547-5319

Aide: Ruben Alicea

(201) 547-5363

Ward A Councilwoman - Denise Ridley

(201) 547-5098/5060

Aide: Kimberly Goycochea


Neighborhood: Greenville

Ward B Councilwoman - Mira Prinz-Arey

(201) 547-5092/5101

Aide: Mikki Shull

(201) 547 5101

Neighborhood: West Side

Ward C Councilman - Richard Boggiano

(201) 547-5159/5172

Aide: Angelica Sanchez

(201) 547-5172

Neighborhood: Journal Square

Ward D Councilman - Yousef Saleh

(201) 783-5552

Neighborhood: the Heights

Ward E Councilman - James Solomon

(201) 547-5315

Aide: Laura Bustamante 

(201) 547 5101

Neighborhood: Downtown

Ward F Councilman - Jermaine Robinson

(201) 547-5338/5361

Aide: Asheenia Johnson

(201) 547-5361

Neighborhood: Lafayette, Bergen Hill, Greenville

Additional resources about J.C.A.C.M.

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