Get the latest updates on NJ COVID19 Testing & Tracing. #COVID19NJTracing

The COVID19 pandemic is unfolding rapidly and the lack of a federal testing, tracing, and supporting (“TTSI”) plan is putting the pressure on the 50 states to come up with their own plans. In NJ, we are seeing that mandate now pushed down to individual school districts; for example, the NJ Department of Education mandated that each school must have its own “pandemic response team.” Below is my attempt to provide an up-to-date local mosaic of news reports specific to the Garden State to help readers inform themselves about testing, tracing, and supported isolation.

Update today from @GovMurphy re: #COVID19 spread traced to 3 independent parties

Schools will also need to test, then trace Positive+ results.

📢Critical that public health infrastructure exist in districts like @jcps_district where enrollment nears 30K


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