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I have been writing Civic Parent in Jersey City for nearly 10 years, since November 2013, soon after the "Journal Squared" pilot was approved. I started Civic Parent because I cared about local public schools and my community, did not understand local finance related to the public schools, had concerns around that financing, and wanted to do something about it. So I began researching, writing, and sharing. I began by writing about abatements, but pivoted to school funding, then to city budgets, and more. Civic Parent reflects my process of learning and sharing.

Now in 2022, I am now seeing many in the Jersey City community question local finance in response to higher property tax bills. These questions are legitimate and fair. This is a complicated paradigm and we can learn together to better understand our shared community budgets.

In response to what I'm hearing directly from those who ask me questions, but also from questions that taxpayers are asking of elected officials at public meetings (including, most recently, last night's board of education meeting which is viewable on Facebook here), I have decided to host property tax workshops in community in early 2023 to help others learn. My hope is to collaborate with others in community on this. These will be in-person workshops with interactive visuals.

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