Civic Parent Blog: Facts & Analysis About Property Taxes in NJ

Get civic with me.  Civic Parent is devoted to increasing financial literacy around issues of community import in Jersey City and New Jersey. I focus on property taxes, tax abatements, municipal budgets, and public schools budgets.

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Mapping Tax Data in Jersey City: A Picture's Worth 1,000 Words

Jersey City Neighborhood Associations: Are You On the Map?

Don't see your neighborhood association on the map?  Email me at Brigid.DSouza@gmail to get mapped. This is a joint civic project with my friend Amy Wilson, who also lives in Jersey City. Amy writes an awesome blog focusing on Jersey City's West Side called Our Moon is Full.

Got questions about property taxes? Get civic and learn with me.

I started in 2014 to learn about property taxes. Since then I've written dozens of articles on the topic and I've done my best to share along the way. I've built up series on tax abatements, property revaluation, and public schools. Get civic and learn with me!