For 4+ years I’ve researched and written about property taxes on I’m a CPA and tax accountant and appreciate #OpenData and #DataViz as civic leverage for the community. My aim is to share data and related context to help enable the civic tech community to hack taxes for community benefit.  Data will be added on a rolling basis.

Datasets are provided below:

User Friendly Budget

This is an annual municipal budget that accompanies the regularly reported budget. It contains a additional disclosures and reporting requirements that must be reported from the municipality to the State of NJ.

Learn more and access primary and support files related to the User Friendly Budget

Coming soon! NJ Assessments Records Database – A Data Dictionary for Taxpayers

The NJ Assessments Records database is where NJ tax records are stored, and made available to the public, online. There is a lot of tax technical nuance to understanding the data and why each field is important. Stay tuned for a breakdown of field names, definitions, and relevant context for taxpayers.

View the database online here