Learn about our $600M+ public schools budget, in community

April 12, 2019. Welcome to my virtual workspace for the 2019/20 Jersey City Public Schools budget. Over the next 4-6 weeks, district administration professionals will propose, and the elected Board of Education trustees will subsequently approve, a $600+ million public schools budget. This page is my workspace through that process, where I will share data, visualizations, and context. I am learning and I invite others in community to learn with me.

My primary aim is to understand, to the extent reasonably possible, where our collective pot of public money is being spent in our public schools. And...what's the impact of NOT funding our schools? What impact will NOT funding have on our schools, in our schools, on our city's kids? We can endeavor to learn by digging into public budgets (past and proposed), data available from the NJ Department of Education and Jersey City Public Schools, and asking thoughtful questions on the record.

Please email me at brigid@CivicParent.org if you have ideas about how we can demystify the budget.

Data Visualization #1: What JCPS Spends Money On

Data Visualization #2: What is Funded in JCPS Schools (A Detailed Look at "School Based Budgets")

Data Visualization #3: Proposed 2019/20 Budget (with focus on budget cuts)

Data Visualization #4: Note the Purple PILOT Fees...it represents foregone school tax