About This Portal

I'm a public school parent in Jersey City and I've created this site to help taxpayers better understand Jersey City Public Schools. Where noted, I ask for feedback to help make this effort an iterative learning process within community.

Thank you,
Brigid D'Souza

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Major Areas of Information Shared on this Portal:

Here are the major buckets of information I've culled together so far. This is subject to change as time progresses.

Jersey City Public Schools: Annual Budget.

The proposed 2018/19 budget was $615,867,852. I'm linking directly to the JC BOE budget. But I hope to have a separate CivicParent page devoted to budgetary analysis up soon.

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Learn About Enrollment in Our Public Schools.

Learn about our public schools - where they are, how many kids attend them, and the difference between "public" and "charter" schools

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Dignity of Every Child: Water, Bullying, and Other Parent Advocacy Topics.

Learn about concrete issues identified by over 200 parents and caregivers in Jersey City. And how YOU can plug into advocacy efforts.

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Demystifying NJ School Funding: Learn With Me.

NJ public school funding is based on "SFRA" aka the School Funding Reform Act of 2008. Learn with me as I work to demystify this complicated but crucial topic for our schools.

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