Latest Update: Country Village Revaluation: $3+ Million Estimated Tax Expense Reduction (and counting…)

March 18, 2018. Appraisal Systems released a new batch of assessments on March 16th - the same day Jersey City's public school teachers went on strike.  So...this latest update wasn't covered in the news.  It should be though; finally, Country Village homes are listed.  Per estimates released by Jersey City in December 2017, Country Village is expected to see the largest dollar-for-dollar tax expense decreases when the 2018 property revaluation is completed. This means we can finally get some home-by-home insight into the Revaluation-impact of the most systemically over-taxed neighborhood in the city.

Latest Update: Tax Expense Relief for Jersey City's West Side, south of Lincoln Park

Appraisal Systems released a new batch of assessments this morning and I was most curious about tax change in systemically over-taxed areas. I've done a quick analysis of a few streets south of Lincoln Park, including Clendenny Ave, Bennett Street, Mallory Ave, and Boyd Ave. The big picture: tax expense relief.  These few streets contain 162 homes which 148 will, in total, see $361,687 in combined property tax expense relief. The average tax expense change (across all 162 properties) $2,223 and the largest tax expense decrease is $6,229.  

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