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JCPS Demographic Study: Highlights About Classroom Space

The Jersey City Public Schools (JCPS) has 28,000+ children and operates on a budget of $680+ million.  A 2-volume  study was commissioned by the BOE to help the BOE form a long-term facilities plan; Volume I was released in July 2013 and Volume II was released in 2014.  This Jersey Journal article provides helpful background / context for Part II of the study.  A series of highlights from each study are provided (click this link).  You can learn more at the Jersey City Board of Education website & Facebook Page.

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Sharing news & highlights from JCPS

PS #5: Civic & Education Awesomeness with PS #5's "Air Fresheners"

Update! PS #5 STEAM Club Grows to 30 Thanks to Samsung Challenge Finalists & YA Science Leaders

PS #3's PreK Garden & Worm Farm (yes, Worm Farm!)


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Parent Advocacy

Opportunities for advocacy in JCPS. Featured: Street Safety

Crossing Guards - Where are they at your school?

Jersey City has a street safety page on its website listing intersections with public school crossing guards. I'm part of a parents team within Jersey City Together and we wanted to know how accurate the city's listing was, so we mapped it. Now we're sharing it, and we want to ask parents: does this map represent the true crossing guard locations at your school? Please give us feedback below.

JCPS Crossing Guard Locations, According to the City (Map courtesy of Bilal Tahir)

JCPS Parent's View of Street (Un)Safety


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PS #3: Parent Feedback Survey Re: Traffic Safety Concerns

Financial Context for Taxpayers

Jersey City Public Schools' 2017 Budget = $685 Million

How Jersey City Public Schools Spends Its Money: A Primer

Why Possible State Aid Cuts = “Major Hardship” for Jersey City Public Schools

Op-Ed Follow-Up: Get the Facts & Figures About Abatements & Public School Funding in Jersey City

Public schools 'long robbed' by Jersey City's abatement windfall | Opinion

Jersey City PILOTs Rob Funding from the School System