Street Safety – PS #3 Parent Concerns Survey (Responses)

In October 2017 I created a bi-lingual survey with my friend and fellow PS #3 parent, Catalina Aranguren. We shared it with the school community and asked for feedback.  This post summarizes the responses. Our goals with this survey are to:

  1. Understand initial feedback about street safety concerns.
  2. Synthesize the concerns into actionable feedback for Jersey City authorities, who ultimately have authority and responsibility to ensure our streets are safe.

The feedback is summarized below - to the extent possible we left responses verbatim, as they were provided to us. 

38 parents responded to the survey. I categorized their answers into the following:

  • Walk to school: 18 respondents
  • Drive to school: 11 respondents
  • Walk or scoot or bike: 5 respondents 
  • Walk or drive to school: 3 respondents
  • Light rail: 1 respondent
  • People cutting thru side streets in AM to get to tunnel
  • Speed
  • Safety from cars speeding, road ragers, and students fighting in the street after school
  • Cars drive too fast
  • Drivers not paying attention, everyone is in a rush
  • Drop off and pick up
  • There is zero traffic calming. Cars drive too fast, and there is so much congestion that they aren't in proper lanes, or stopping at stop signs. Everyone is in a rush in the mornings especially. I'm afraid of a car hitting a child at some point.
  • The lack of drop off points by the school entrances- The backup traffic it causes on Monmouth street.
  • Traffic and parking
  • Having a crossing guard crossing the kids over
  • People driving carelessly. Too much traffic around school area
  • Getting hit by a car.
  • Cars are way too aggressive and the light sequence is off not allowing for flow of traffic in the area.
  • Not enough drivers who empathize with cycling as a mode of valid transport
  • Cars are constantly double parked because there is no designated drop off/pick up area.
    pedestrian safety
    pedestrian safety
  • 1) cars are driving too fast or they are inpatient, 2) traffic signs and traffic lights are not pedestrian friendly, esp in a school zone.
  • Crossing grand st at Jersey is terrifying everyday. I’d like to see pedestrian crossing (when both sides of traffic are stopped) and enough time for families to cross the street.
  • Montgomery Street-no crossing guard
  • Drivers barely stop at the stop signs at crosswalks and drive too fast nearby schools. Too much traffic at drop off/ pick up times.
  • Cars are too fast and not enough awareness of pedestrians
  • The drivers, many of whom do not live in JC. there is absolutely no JC police presence with this terrible, terrifying traffic pattern
  • Cars driving too fast and not stopping for pedestrians
  • Cars do not slow down at crosswalks.
  • Cars stopping sufficiently before stop sign
  • Cars are too fast and often do not respect the school zone or crossing guard
  • Pedestrian safety, particularly for children.
  • Cars driving too fast
  • Cars not stopping at stop signs/rolling into the crosswalk before stopping . Particularly at intersection of York and Jersey
  • My biggest concern are the cars most don't let pedestrian cross first
  • Aggressive drives coming downtown. They don't yield to pedestrians, often don't listen to crossing guards.
  • That my child will be hit by a car traveling too fast.
  • The number of vehicles on Jersey ave, especially at the bright and Jersey. Its very chaotic
  • Cars driving too fast / not stopping for people crossing the street
  • Cars not paying attention to pedestrians
  • Number of vehicles
  • Pedestrian & bike safety on Grand St
  • Construction trucks should have restrictions on grand street. Potentially no trucks east of 78 in grand street before 10am to lessen traffic.
  • Too much traffic on Monmouth Street next to PS3
  • Certain cross guards need to be replaced. This idea may be crazy- but why not create a bridge or an overpass on the corner of Jersey and Grand.
  • Yes. Too many cars (parents included) drive fast and aggressivly in the morning. It's too bad there isn't a system in place to make Bright st 1/2 a drop off lane and the rest is traffic enforced to drive 15 mph during open/close times for school.
  • Overall there are far too many cars trying to make their way through a school crossing area.
  • The crossing guards are a must. Perhaps additional lights on all intersection next to school with dedicated time just to pedestrian (no left nor right turns during pedestrian crossing time). Turning vehicles are as dangerous as those driving straight.
  • Yes, there should be an organized drop- off/ pick up for those that drive be. Parents should be trained volunteers along with a safety officer so that morning and afternoon drop off and pick is smooth and efficient and safe!!! This is done at most schools across the state. Also, we need speed bumps and more crossing guards that are trained together help the children safely walk across the street. Safety tips and drills would be beneficial to reinforce this for the children.
  • There are many vehicles on the road and it will only get worse with all the new building construction. The city of New Jersey needs to address the roadway/public transportation infrastructure as new apartments are built and the population expands. There is also a lot of trash in and around the school.
  • Cars drive fast particularly in the morning cutting thru to tunnel. Suggest increasing enforcement (ie red light cameras / traffic cops giving tickets to people who blow stop signs) and Rumble strips
  • No, I think the crossing guards done a very good job
  • There don't seem to be enough crossing guards.
  • Cars driving too fast. Cars not stopping for pedestrians in crosswalks. Not enough 4-way stop signs. Crossing guards around the city not always doing their job.

This question had the following options: 

  1. I don't feel safe walking through crosswalks.
  2. Vehicles drive too fast in general 
  3. I drive and there is no parking for drop-off 
  4. I don't feel there are enough crossing guards
  5. I don't use my bicycle because I think it's too dangerous (but I'd like to use my bike) 
  6. Other (please write in your response)

38 parents responded to the survey. Here is how they answered:

Vehicles drive too fast in general: 15
I don't feel safe walking through crosswalks: 11
I don't feel there are enough crossing guards: 8
I drive and there is no parking for drop-off: 1
I think it's safe as it's now with sufficient crossing guards: 1
Traffic pattern of streets doesn’t allow for easy drop-off especially for those coming from north-west: 1
Vehicles drive too fast AND there is no parking for pick-up/drop off: 1

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