Jersey City's Public School Funding Crisis

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Civic Tax Tools: Dig into the data.

Drill into tax, school, and budgetary data by county, town, or school system to better understand your community.

Here is one example:
View your town's tax base and tax levies data from 1998 through 2018.
Drill into key metrics on a per-year basis, including the equalization ratio, which is an indication if your town or city may need a citywide revaluation.
You can see all the CivicParent tax tools here.

Understanding public finance is every taxpayer's right.

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Property Taxes

Learn about property taxes, abatements, and how local government spends our money.

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Public Schools

Learn about student enrollment, public school funding in NJ, and discover how much you pay in school tax each year.

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Civic Tax Tools

Access public tax, school, and budget data using Tableau visualizations customized for taxpayer ease of use.

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Jersey City Public Schools: the Civic Parent Series

Learn about Jersey City's public school funding paradigm, including how our schools are funded and the interplay with property taxes and municipal government.

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Property Revaluation

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Civic Tax Tools

Use custom tax & budget visualizations to explore finance and demographic data in your city, county, and school system.

Tax Abatements

Using Jersey City as a case study, learn the who/what/when/where & why of tax abatements.