A Closer Look at Jersey City’s School Tax Rate

A Four-Part CivicParent Series About Jersey City's School Funding Crisis

Part 1: The Public Data

Part 2: Statewide Comparisons & the Role of the Tax Base

Part 3: Let's Talk About the School Tax Levy

Featured Data Visualization:

NJ Public Schools

Learn the basics about school funding in NJ. Access public school data, analysis, and insight using customizable Tableau views. Dig into details about Jersey City's Public Schools funding crisis.

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Property Taxes

Property tax basics, property revaluation, tax abatements, and more. Dig into property tax for your county and town. Learn ways to advocate for tax fairness.

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Tax Abatements

Learn the basics about tax abatements: what they are, how they are granted, and the impact on the tax base, the public schools, and the funding paradigm for the local community.

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Property Revaluation

Learn about property revaluation, including: the who/what/when/where/why of revaluation, how to compute if you are under or over taxed, and how to determine if your town or city is due for a revaluation.

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