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Welcome to Civic Parent.  My name is Brigid D’Souza and CivicParent is my platform devoted to promoting fiscal literacy in the civic sector in Jersey City, NJ.  I’m a licensed CPA, have an MBA in accounting, and teach accountancy in The School of Business at Saint Peter’s University. Everything on this site is free. I encourage others to learn, connect, and act to improve our community – in every corner of the city.

Featured Content: Learn about the funding crisis facing Jersey City Public Schools

This chart (from this Education Law Center (ELC) report) shows what SHOULD be happening vs. what ACTUALLY is happening with JCPS school funding

  • The left bar: this is what SHOULD be happening. We should be paying $370 million in local school tax. And receiving $255 million from the state. In full, our schools should receive $624 million, per the state formula, to ensure our kids get a \"thorough and efficient education\".
  • The right bar: this is what ACTUALLY is happening. We are paying only $117 million in local school tax...vs the $370 million that would result in \"full funding\" of our schools per the state formula.  The state is giving us $151 million in what\'s called \"Adjustment Aid\" to cover the *local* funding shortfall, also referred to as the \"local levy gap.\"

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Featured video: What is Revaluation?