This is important so please read in full. CivicParent.org is a volunteer effort. I write this blog to share insights and analysis with my community. I do not use advertising on my site and I do not get paid for this volunteer work. I write Civic Parent in an effort to contribute to my community. I live in Jersey City and thus view Jersey City, Hudson County, and the larger New Jersey area as my community.

Nothing on Civic Parent should be construed as accounting or tax advice for personal decision-making.  I do my best to share content that is accurate, but errors and omissions do occur.

I sometimes share interactive Tableau data visualizations on Civic Parent that allow users to filter into public data and also enter personalized inputs. These interactive tools are for teaching purposes, are generalized in scope, and have no commercial purpose. I create these visualizations to help contextualize the content to help make the learning more engaging. None of these tools should be construed as a customer service or product.

I am a licensed C.P.A. but I am not your C.P.A.  If you need guidance specific to your facts and circumstances, you should consult with a professional who can work with you directly to address your specific needs.

I have created this form as a questions and feedback loop that I monitor on a regular basis if you have questions.