PS #5 PTA Campaign:
Tell the Board of Education: We need $50 Million Invested in This Year's Budget

The PTA Advocacy Team at Dr. Michael Conti PS #5 School created this "Call to Action" email campaign ahead of the 2020 schools budget season that we can share with the Board of Education and Superintendent Walker. I am sharing on CivicParent to help spread the word & the advocacy.

You can use the automated email below, which will send the note (which you are free to customize). If you don't want to send to all of those individuals at once, simply copy/paste the note below into your email. All the BOE officials' contact information is provided below for your reference.

Advocate in the manner you feel most comfortable!

Value & Empower Our Public Schools By Locally Funding Them in the 2020 Budget

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Board of Education Trustees:

Lorenzo Richardson - Board of Education President

 [email protected]

Gina Verdibello - Board of Education Vice President

[email protected]

Marilyn Roman - Board of Education Trustee

[email protected]

Mussab Ali - Board of Education Trustee

[email protected]

Gerald Lyons - Board of Education Trustee

[email protected]

Joan Terrell Paige - Board of Education Trustee

[email protected]

Noemi Velazquez - Board of Education Trustee

[email protected]

Lekendrick Shaw - Board of Education Trustee

[email protected]

Alexander Hamilton - Board of Education Trustee
[email protected]

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