Update on Water Advocacy in Jersey City Public Schools

It’s worth sharing some good news as we head into the new school year: Jersey City Together’s education team has helped push for water remediation in over a dozen schools. Specifically, more than a dozen schools now have new, 21st century working water fountains. The list of schools that have had new working water fountains installed can be viewed on NJ Together’s “Water Advocacy” page.

See if your school is fixed…or not.

And while this is certainly good news for the schools that are fixed, many are still waiting. So the Water Advocacy team with NJ Together is calling for pressure on the school district and the Jersey City MUA to complete the job and ensure new, 21st century water fountains are installed in every school, all over the city. Leave no school behind.

Learn more about Jersey City Together’s education team water advocacy here. You can also learn about the timeline of the water advocacy using this linktree.

A final note: the main driver of this advocacy is MS7 parent Jim Nelson, an incredible water advocacy who has been present at BOE meetings, MUA meetings, and more for years to both understand this issue, the nuanced constraints to fixing it, and how best to communicate to advocates so that more can help with the push.

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