Jersey City Together Helped Homeowners Save $40,000+ via Tax Appeal Workshops

Jersey City Together Tax Appeal Workshop. In March 2017 I worked with a team of Jersey City Together leaders to provide a tax appeals workshop.  We invited homeowners to meet with us to determine if their homes were over-assessed which, in turn, helped us determine if they were over-taxed. It was a cooperative civic action involving many volunteers…over 100 homeowners registered and nearly that many showed up and waited in line to participate in the workshop (see JC Together’s Facebook status below for pictures from the workshop).

A team of us with Jersey City Together then analyzed the data, helped prep owners for the appeal hearings, then accompanied homeowners to the County Tax Board.

In the end, we helped about 30 homeowners successfully reduce their tax expense.  The best part of the entire effort was hearing how homeowners become empowered by going through the process. They learned about how they are taxed, how to find out if they are taxed fairly or not, and what they needed to do if they were being over-taxed.

Appealing your taxes can be intimidating, but with community, we can learn and become empowered together.


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