CivicParent NJ Property Tax Viewer: 2020 Levies

The 2020 property tax tables for calendar year 2020 are now available. This data provides insight into the way municipal, county, and local public school governments share the total tax dollars each year. The dataset at the link contains:

  • Tax base data
  • Tax levy data – this is what I’ve visualized below
  • Tax rate data
  • Property appeals data
  • Property parcel data
  • and more.

What I’m sharing below is a basic view of the local levies for each municipality. As a recap:

  1. The city government (eg City Council) passes the municipal budget, and the municipal levy is part of that budget.
  2. The county government (Board of Freeholders) passes the county budget. The county levy is part of that budget. The county levy – once approved – is then apportioned out through the equalization process.
  3. The Board of Education passes the public schools budget, and the school levy is part of that budget.

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