Feb 27th: Governor Murphy Budget Address ($55 million state aid cut to Jersey City revealed)

Typically in late February each year, the governor releases the initial budget proposal and that’s when we learn what the state aid numbers will be for that year. For Jersey City, it’s when we learn what the state aid cut will be. State aid – of which Jersey City gets a piece – is part of the Governor’s state budget process (hence Jersey City Public Schools is tied to the state process).

The reduction in state aid, along with the needs defined by Superintendent Walker and the BOE, will inform the local funding mandate for Jersey City.

Learn about state aid cuts and the impact on local paradigm here. What I think is critical in this phase of the process is listening to Mr. Walker and the professional educators about the needs…the diversity of our student population in Jersey City brings with it a diverse set of needs that must be funded via our school levy.

In 2020, the state aid cut to Jersey City was $55 million.

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