Why Use Twitter? To Follow Your Local Reporter, of Course

I often hear friends say “I don’t understand Twitter…” and then list a litany of reasons of why Twitter stinks.  But if you live in Jersey City, then here is one reason you should use Twitter: to follow Jersey Journal reporter Terrence McDonald.

Twitter is a tool, like anything else.  You may not have much to “tweet”, but if you want to listen, then Twitter can serve as a very targeted channel within which to receive information from someone like Terrence, who reports on education and government for Jersey City and Hudson County.  Following your local reporter is an extremely effective way to stay in touch with local news that directly impacts your schools, taxes, and government, among other issues.  Terrence is publishing articles every day that impacts the dollars, cents, and dinner tables of every family in Jersey City.

Whenever Terrence publishes a new article, he posts it to Twitter.  At city council meetings, he posts periodic updates during the meeting, and his tweets are invaluable because he can help decode the proceedings (as with any government meeting, there is procedural gobbledy-gook amidst the meat and potatoes information that is of importance to the public).  He also will sometimes answer questions in real-time while you’re still digesting a tweet or article; he is that good.

So let’s get civic together.  Follow Terrence here: https://twitter.com/terrencemcd.

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