March 18 2018.  Appraisal Systems released a new batch of assessments on March 16th - the same day Jersey City's public school teachers went on strike.  So...this latest update wasn't covered in the news.  It should be though; finally, Country Village homes are listed.  Per estimates released by Jersey City in December 2017, Country Village is expected to see the largest dollar-for-dollar tax expense decreases when the 2018 property revaluation is completed. This means we can finally get some home-by-home insight into the Revaluation-impact of the most systemically over-taxed neighborhood in the city.

I recently gave a property tax workshop at Our Lady of Mercy Church, located in the Country Village area and I am aiming to follow-up with those attendees re: tax expense change.

The big picture: tax expense relief.  The highlights:

  • 842 homes spread throughout 28 tax blocks
  • Total tax expense reduction: $3,081,912
  • Average tax expense change (per house): $3,660
  • Largest tax expense reduction: $9,361

Here's what I did to compile this latest update.

  1. I referred to my 2017 Jersey City sales map to find a tax block in  Country Village. That served as a starting point for step #2.
  2. I then used the Civil Solutions Tax Map Viewer to find all tax blocks in the general Country Village / OLM area.
  3. I then filtered the latest data provided by Appraisal Systems by tax blocks in Country Village (data current as of March 16, 2018).
  4. Note: the red-shaded areas in the graphic are tax blocks with newly published assessment data. The gray-shaded areas are not yet published. So the $3+ million is not the final number of tax expense relief ... we can reasonably assume this number to go UP before the revaluation is complete.

Here are the newly available tax blocks within Country Village, with a summary of total tax expense change by block. I've also provided two graphics (at the right) to help visualize where these tax blocks are, by location. To look up your specific property, you can either download the Excel file from Appraisal Systems' website OR you can use Helen Hou-Sandi's GitHub listing with a search feature on the top right of the page.

More to come ... this was a quick review I did, so I welcome any/all feedback and insights to further refine this analysis.

Country Village is on Jersey City's Southwest Side

Red Blocks = New Assessments Recently Published / Available | Gray Blocks = New Assessments Not Yet Published (click to enlarge in new window)

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