NJ Property Tax Dashboard | #OpenData #DataViz

This is a property tax dashboard for NJ residents who may be interested in learning about the property tax profile of their municipality, including:

1) Latest available (Tax Year 2017) property tax metrics available from NJ’s Property Tax portal.
2) Tax base growth chart from 1988 to 2017 – how has your town’s tax base grown since 1988?
3) Municipal, county, and school tax levy growth since 1988. How has spending on municipal, county, and school services changed since 1988?

I am interested in this data and am sharing it, for free and with an openness to build upon it using community suggestions, for a few reasons. First, I’m a public school parent in Jersey City and I have a vested interest in ensuring our public schools are properly funded. Second, Jersey City’s tax policy is flawed and in need of structural, systemic improvement. For instance, Jersey City recently underwent its first citywide revaluation in nearly 30 years. Poor tax policy can distort how well we understand how our own money (i.e. taxes) are being spent, which creates distance between (a) the public at large and (b) local government. My goal is to help shed more light on this topic in general, in the hopes the community can collectively advocate for better tax policy going forward.

This is an ongoing project of mine and I’m open to suggestions and feedback. I’m including all municipalities (not just Jersey City) because it’s easy enough to do — the data is public, voluminous, and available. It simply is waiting to be better visualized.

To view your municipality’s data, filter by County, then by Municipality using the filter options on the below right. Email me at [email protected] with questions.

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