NJ Special Education Statistics | #DataViz #OpenData

In this post I’m sharing statewide special education data, with ability to drill into Jersey City special education data specifically, for both Jersey City Public Schools (the public school system) and charter schools attended by Jersey City students. I am sharing the statewide data because it’s informing to see the varying degrees of special education and need throughout the state. It provides important context for a population of children who require an additional level of care, support, and funding. The state report land page can be found here. The latest public data available, for 2016, is here.

A note on schools qualified as “JC Charters.” I characterized a school as a “JC Charter” if it was included in the 2018/19 JC BOE budget. Inclusion in the budget would signify attendance by at least one Jersey City child, which would mean that charter school received some degree of taxpayer funding. The 2018/19 JC BOE budget can be found online here.

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