News Flash: JCPS is now on Twitter! (@jcps_district)

I’m a big believer in getting civic, and a big part of getting civic is tuning-in to your local community.  Once you start tuning in, your confidence to provide feedback and become part of the conversation grows, and then a virtuous cycle of community and civic partnership is born. 

But oftentimes, tuning-in can seem impossible, especially if you work, travel, have kids at home, pursue a degree, or are otherwise occupied during the day.  So how can you tune-in?  And who is worth tuning into?  Well, here’s one suggestion, particularly if you’re a Jersey City parent:  use Twitter to subscribe to Jersey City Public Schools (@jcps_district).  

If you don’t currently use Twitter, you may think, as many do (and as I once did), “I have nothing to tweet about, so what’s the point?”  But Twitter is not just about “tweeting,” it is also about receiving micro-targeted information from specific sources you care about.  Twitter is often redundant to a  Facebook feed, but I’ve found Twitter is easier to scan and review multiple stories at once, and a well-run Twitter feed (with a sound communications strategy behind it) can also serve as an effective portal for up-to-the-minute news updates in the event of an emergency.  

So join me and let’s get civic together.  Follow Jersey City Public Schools on Twitter at @jcps_district.  

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