Jersey City Revaluation: Interactive Map Now Available from ASI, Inc.

Jersey City is undergoing a multi-month Revaluation process and appraisal firm ASI, Inc. is currently assessing all properties throughout the city.  I wrote about the April 3rd Ward “A” revaluation presentation, hosted by ASI, Inc, and one promise from that meeting: that an interactive assessment map would be made available. Good news – that map is now available!

The interactive nature of the new map allows you to search for your property (similar to Google maps) and then click on your property to view further details. The map’s information is limited, but still useful.  If your property has a color-coded box on it, you’ll see:

  • Tax record details for your property, including your current assessment and sales purchase history.
  • The name of the ASI inspector assigned to your property. Additional information about each inspector can be found here.

Properties are being assessed on a scattered geographic basis, per ASI executive Mark Duda. This is to ensure that inspectors’ observations – which will be factored into determining fair market value for each property – are fairly cross-sectioned throughout the city as the process unfolds over many months.

The map is viewable below and also available on ASI, Inc.’s Jersey City Revaluation landing page.

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