Workshop #1: Property Tax Appeals (March 26th @2pm in SPU’s McIntyre Hall)

Location update for the March 26th 2pm Property Tax Appeals Workshop:

I'm excited to share my first workshop which will happen tomorrow, Sunday March 26th at 2pm in SPU's McIntyre Hall located on JFK Boulevard between Montgomery and Glenwood, which I've mapped below. The deadline for property tax appeals is rapidly approaching in Hudson County (and many other counties, too). To help community members engage the nuance, I will be co-hosting this property tax appeals workshop with Cynthia Hadjiyannis, a local Jersey City resident and real estate attorney. I have an updated flyer here and below with all the details. I'd appreciate if folks can register in advance here, though it's not required. be crystal clear on location and directions - please note that we've got an updated location which is McIntyre Hall located on JFK Boulevard between Montgomery & Glenwood:

You can read more about this workshop and my ongoing property tax and local budgets series here.

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